Fascist Snowflakes (Go Figure!)

Barry Dredze
4 min readAug 30, 2022
Ted Cruz, Oath Keepers and other tea party Republicans in better days, rallying at the National Mall against a 2013 government shutdown having refused to raise the debt ceiling in order to keep the government operating unless President Barack Obama agreed to defund the nation’s health care overhaul. (Photo by Andrew Burton)

With a vanishing American cultural mainstream, Republicans have been creating their own alternative reality with alot of help from decades of an expanding and exclusive right-wing conservative media universe.

But Joe Biden really lit up the GQP fascist death cult, and much of what is left of our corporate News business, with a simple understatement of fact in the course of a Bethesda, Maryland funder. “It’s not just Trump,” Biden said, “it’s the entire [MAGA] philosophy that underpins the — I’m going to say something, it’s like semi-fascism.”

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu complained that the president’s comments were “horribly insulting” on Dana Bash’s CNN pundit show State of the Union. “The fact that the president would go out and just insult half of America [SIC], effectively call half of America semi-fascist,” Sununu raged with a straight face. “He’s trying to stir up controversy. He’s trying to stir up this anti-Republican sentiment right before the election. It’s horribly inappropriate.” Imagine!

Only two days before Biden made the remark in Maryland, in a Miami rally for the reelection of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Senator Marco Rubio insisted that “The Democratic party has been taken over by radical left wing lunatics, laptop liberals, and Marxist Misfits.”

For a party that really, really likes to campaign for office showing off their guns and dishing out the tough talk, the “Let’s Go Brandon!” gang often shows a comically thin skin. Heck, Biden even pumped his rhetorical brakes by watering down his observation as “semi-fascism,” leaving an out for any Republican who might want one. But, true to their authoritarian inclinations, the fascist death cult closed ranks and whined about it.

Back in May, the New York Times reported on data from the media tracking firm AdImpact showing that “more than 100 television ads from Republican candidates and supportive groups have used guns as talking points or visual motifs” within the first five months of the midterm election year. Republicans have not only actively teased their constituency with violent imagery and rhetoric, but also passively in order to rationalize it.

Ahead of the previous congressional midterm election, when Democratic voters ultimately flipped the House, then-President…

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