Jesus Guns ’n’ Babies

Kandiss Taylor, a conservative running for governor in Georgia, has hit the road in a new campaign bus. And people are certainly surprised by how it lays out her platform points. In a photo posted to her Twitter on Thursday, Taylor debuted her campaign ride, which bears a picture of her on the side, flanked by her bulleted platform points: “Jesus, Guns, Babies.” None of the points has additional descriptors or explanations. (Photo from Twitter via The Wrap)

The GQP is an un-American fascist death cult, and the conservative majority of the US Supreme Court that it built is about to reward decades of domestic religious fundamentalist terrorism in the form of bombings, arson and murder. But how are they polling…?

While it is tough to get a handle on exactly how many white Christian nationalists are running for public office in Republican primaries during this mid-term election…



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