May Day 2020: America is Ruled by a Death Cult

Emma Goldman and the Haymarket Martyrs, Forest Home Cemetery, Forest Park, IL (photo by Barry Dredze)

They wanted to shake things up. Well, they can own what by now amounts to a 9/11 every week because their Commander in Chief pissed away whatever time he bought us with a half-assed travel ban while convincing the flock that a viral pandemic would go away by Easter. “Like a miracle,” he said. But they won’t, of course. Now it belongs to the states.

Here in Illinois, so far, two Republican lawmakers have filed a lawsuit against the governor for extending the shelter in place policy through the end of May. Never mind that their commander in chief’s own policy prohibits opening states before there are no new cases for 14 days. Never mind that not a single state in the nation has even come close, Republicans are desperately trying to will the plague away like a congressional subpoena.

They live in a fantasy world that they inflict on the rest of us while they insulate themselves from the consequences with propagandistic media platforms, gerrymandered districts and packed courts. If they could launch an Elysium into Earth’s orbit, they would. In the meantime, they have built one in our collective consciousness. It might even be better than the movie, had the producers done better casting than a reality TV game show host who had to settle a $25 million settlement with students of his fraudulent university before he took the oath of office as president of the United States. Teabaggers whined for eight solid years about tyranny only to elect the real live thing. What a great time to be alive.

A ray of light and hope may appear in the form of May Day strikes by essential employees of places like Amazon, Target, Instacart and Whole Foods. It may not be as exciting as armed teabaggers waving snake flags outside of state capitol galleries but it may get some attention from the couch potatoes among the inflamed electorate. We should be so lucky if it could lead to some elevation in the overall level of socio-political consciousness in the election year.

At the end of April, Michigan Republican lawmakers voted to sue Governor Gretchen Whitmer over her coronavirus pandemic response policy as their armed fascist death cult looked down on the statehouse gallery from the balconies as capitol police impotently watched, because the rule of law is a dying joke in America. There is no longer, if there ever was, any problem in America that can’t be solved by shooting it.

Meanwhile, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan deployed his National Guard to secure his order of half a million South Korean coronavirus test kits from Baltimore-Washington International Airport to ensure delivery against the shipment’s seizure by Trump’s federal government after the fascist regime had previously intercepted such shipments from other states, after leaving the states on their own to deal with their residents’ needs in the pandemic. In an interview with the Washington Post, Gov. Hogan noted the ordeal of Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker having Trump’s feds steal his state’s order of 3 million Chinese facemasks at the port of New York, while state administrations in Colorado, New Jersey, Kentucky and Texas also reported federal seizures of emergency supply orders.

Happy May Day, America!

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