“One Man’s Freedom Fighter….”

Contact Tracing by DaveO, 2020

Halloween and Election Day were stolen from us and there is no one left to tell us the difference between the treats and the tricks, anymore; the Calaveras del Monton have been liberated from the porfiriato while back in Aguascalientes Jose Guadalupe Posada’s body lies a-moldrin’ in the grave for no good reason at all.

The herd mentality approach to the covid plague endorsed by such giants of epidemiological medicine as Dr. I.P. Freely, Dr. Person Fakename and Dr. Johnny Bananas in Teh Great Barrington Declaration is now the officially preferred policy of the TrumPence regime.

The virus mocks the inflatable tombstones in the falling leaves on suburban lifestyle dreams where governors sleep with one eye open as pirates pack their kangaroo courts.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary for the insecurity of a country fried state, keeps law and order within the jurisdictions of our Sheriffs of Nothingham. An armed society really is a polite society, after all.

The rigid regime shows some cracks but never breaks and the nostalgic passport lays, expired, on my desktop with nowhere to go. So, wear your heavy boots while marching on freedom’s highway. And don’t forget to pack a sweater, because it’s cold out there.

Merry Kristallnacht! Maybe the music will feel better when the radios rise from the dead. It’s all folk music now that we know how popularity was never popular enough.

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