Simple Matters of Cause and Effect

Clark County Election Department, Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020, Las Vegas (AP Photo by Jae C. Hong)

Several hours after polls closed, a conservative neighbor and Facebook friend posted a screen shot of Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow’s tweet, warning “As promising as tonight looks, DO NOT underestimate Democrats’ willingness and ability to cheat.”

These star spangled bulletheads are typically driving their screeds long on rhetoric and short on specifics, like evidence for and/or examples of the “cheating” they desperately wish they could blame for the failure to sell their cruel and muddled policy priorities on a sick and tired electorate.

Consider the contrast in strategies. Biden and the Democrats urged VBM (vote by mail) to deal with the pandemic while Trump went to war against VBM and urged his voters to vote in person on Election Day. Simple cause and effect.

In the congressional district where I live and serve as a Democratic precinct committeeperson, the first Sean Casten congressional campaign pushed VBM back in 2018. As a good soldier, I went along with it then and again this year. But I personally went “rogue” with my own plan to organize a voting party with like minded constituents on the first day of in-person early voting at our county fairgrounds, because I personally couldn’t wait to vote and it is always a good idea to maximize your franchise by not voting alone. I envisioned meeting up with maybe a dozen other voters and ended up satisfied with six of us.

Now, it is darkly hilarious to see the Trump cult whining about “cheating” when national Democrats simply had a better overall plan; not just for winning elections in a pandemic but for actually increasing voter turnout from the safety and comfort of their own homes. Further, it’s a great story, it’s easy to tell and it exposes the raw and pathetic nonsense of the “cheating” conspiracies.

All that being said….

Still counting, still waiting. Cult 45 still lying about Democrats “stealing” the election as the Supreme Court agrees to a Republican appeal to segregate Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballots received after November 3, even as Trump’s appointed Post Master General Louis DeJoy looks up at federal judge Emmitt Sullivan after violating his court order to sweep postal distribution centers of slow moving VBM ballots and after Trump spent the better part of long campaign attacking the integrity of mail-in voting and urging his fans to vote in person on Election Day while dismissing the threat of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Remember, with conservatives every accusation is a confession and just try to keep from thinking that the Supreme Court is setting up a Bush v. Gore redux.

Meanwhile, we patiently await the civilized call of an election where the challenger currently leads by four million votes.

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