“Exile” by Dave-O (Dec. 2020)

Trump rages against the dying light of his presidency of our nation — 4% of the world’s population with 19% of all global Covid-19 deaths and Americans banned from travel to almost everywhere else in the world — and boasting of a legacy with an expectation of his head being carved into Mount Rushmore on some uncertain future date. They used to call him The Donald. Now this Donald Trump is heroically burrowing deep inside his fantasy world to remain president, enabled by Republican Senators and House Reps that fought against the impeachment, crashing its hearings and refusing to allow witness testimony in his trial; who campaigned on enforcing a ban on Muslim immigration to the United States; who bravely established a “zero tolerance” policy against requesting sanctuary at points of entry on our Southwest border separated children from their families, whereby the parents of 628 children have still not been reunited with their sons and daughters in the final month of his term; who paid out $25 million to settle a class action lawsuit against his fraudulent Trump University after his election and before his inauguration; who made his cabinet insist that his inauguration drew the largest inauguration crowd in American history despite a complete lack of data supporting the claim; who rose to presidential campaign prominence by accusing the previous president of lying about his birthplace, insisting he had the “proof” that Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii without ever producing any; who never released his tax forms as promised; a Commander in Chief who is quick to take credit for the defeat of ISIS in the Middle East while deploying US military advisors out of the way of Turkish fascist Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s troops to slaughter our Kurdish allies who did most of the fighting and dying against ISIS…. Four years that America will never get back. May his name be blotted out.

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